Star Nails Spa
5180 Stockdale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Phone: (661) 324-5258

Star Nails Spa is a Full service Spa in Bakersfield, California. Check them out at! Interesting Tips and info about Nails :

· Take the time to cultivate your nails.
· Never bite your nails.
· Use a nail hardener to protect them from splitting and peeling.
· Vitamin E supplements keep the nails growing long and strong.
· You should slim the look of wide nail bases with an oval shape.
· Pastels and neutrals go the distance on longer and round nails.
· Dark shades of nail polish look best on short, squared nails.
· Narrow nail beds appear stronger with a soft square shape.
· Create a lighter side of bold by adding drops of a dark, rich cream to a bottle of clear polish and shake.
· Storing polish in a warm place may change its consistency. Keep nail shades in the refrigerator or a bathroom cabinet.
· Be sure the enamel is thin enough to flow evenly and smoothly. If enamel is too thick add 2 or 3 drops of thinner, several hours before using it.
· Make sure to clean the tops of bottles and replace the caps tightly after the application is completed.
· Avoid applying nail enamel under a fan.
· Apply 3 coats of frosted nail enamel and 2 coats of matte nail enamel for a perfect finish.
· Short broad nails look more slender if you leave a narrow line at each side of the nail, unpolished
· While choosing the length, keep in mind that artificial nails "grow" as your natural nail does. So, if you plan on getting a fill every 2-3 weeks, your nails will become quite long in the meantime. It is suggested that you go for a slightly shorter length than desired.
· Do not use Acetone nail polish remover as this will deteriorate your nails. Always use non-acetone instead.
· If nails begin to lift, have them fixed immediately. Lifted nails are highly susceptible to fungus growth if not taken care right away.
· Do not cut the cuticles or push them back. Doing so will only inflame the nail fold, causing it to crack and weaken the nail.
· Do not use any hard instrument to clean under the nail. Using soap and a nailbrush is a much better choice.
· Apply a moisturizer to your nails every night to reduce evaporation of water.


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