Get a Safe and Unique Tan

Image Sun Tanning Centers are the industry leading upscale tanning salons at competitive pricing. We won’t just help you look your best, we’ll change the way you think about tanning!

The Image Sun experience is unique. You will feel the difference the moment you enter our salon. The distinct European design of our signature salons will give you an immediate feeling of comfort, cleanliness and relaxation. Our knowledgeable, Smart Tan™ certified staff will attend to your every need. Our world class tanning equipment and skin care products will provide you with precisely the tan to look your best. And our pricing options will provide you exactly the plan to meet your lifestyle and budget.

State of the Art Equipment…

Visit an Image Sun salon near you and examine our state-of-the-art tanning equipment, indoor tanning lotion lines and experience what quality tanning is really like. You will immediately recognize Image Sun’s commitment to your impeccable tanning experience and backs that commitment with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Nothing looks better on your body than the golden glow of a summer’s tan. Men and woman have been worshiping the Sun and its life giving properties long before the invention of the bikini.

A little bit of Sun is good for you, giving warmth and light that helps provide much needed Vitamin D. As much as people love to bask in the glory of our favorite star, getting a great tan isn’t always easy or quick.

Tanning used to be all about going to the beach or the pool, finding that perfect spot and lying out for hours at a time. After all, you made the time and traveled all this way, you might as well get as much sunshine as you can, right? But who has all day to spend or wants to wind up looking like a rock lobster?

The solution can be found right within an Image Sun Tanning Salon. Image Sun Tanning Centers have world class tanning equipment in clean upscale environments that let you enjoy all the benefits of tanning while minimizing the risk of burning or getting sand in your shorts.

Get your Tan and Keep it…

Image Sun Tanning Salons are the ideal tanning location for those looking to get their bronze on without having to waste the whole day doing it. Tanning beds have been proven to be a great way to soak up the rays in a controlled atmosphere. Tanning salons also provide an easy way to get that all over tan; hitting hard to reach spots in absolute privacy. Image sun always has some of the best tanning bed prices in Bakersfield. At ay any Image Sun tanning location in Bakersfield you will find the best prices and coupons and specials for their tanning and tanning beds. Get a deep dark tan at image sun, Get a tan that lasts at image sun. A tan that looks like you were at a beach, without having to go to the beach or on a vacation, save money and get your tan at image sun in bakersfield, Ca.

In any of our tanning salons, our tanning beds are designed to satisfy every skin type at a price that wont burn a hole in your long shorts. Walk in to an Image Sun Tanning Salon today and walk out the envy of the rest of the pale world.


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